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This community is for sharing layouts and other bits of code for use on Dreamwidth.

So, please, if you like something here, feel free to take and use!


If you ever do use, please credit back to [community profile] betterdolphin somewhere visible, like in a stickied post or your user profile. If you don't know how to reference a journal on your own journal, copy and paste this:
Layout made by <user name="betterdolphin">.

Or if linking off DW:
Layout made by <a href="">Better Dolphin</a>.


Please host images on your own servers, or, if you lack that, use IMGUR or any other host of your choice. If you use Photobucket, please keep in mind it will resize large images once in awhile, so if you uploaded one of my images and it came out small check your options and see if you can upload something at fullsize, or use another image host.


Q) Can I edit/change your layouts?
Yes, you can! I highly encourage you to. However, if the resulting layout still looks like my original one, you must still credit.

Q) Can you change this in your layout for me?
No. If there's something in my layout that you want to be different than I intended it, you must change it on your own. I know not everyone knows CSS, but it's not fair to ask a layout maker how to change something they didn't intend for their layout. I'm afraid I don't have the time to help make large changes that you may want.

However, if you found something that seems like it's broken code, let me know and I'll most likely fix it.

Q) Can images be added to the headers?
A) I rarely make a layout with the thought of a large image being added to the header, if I had intended to make something like that it would have it in the codes. That doesn't mean you can't try to add one anyway, but don't be surprised if it doesn't work/you have to edit a bunch of CSS to get it to work. Like the previous question, however, I don't have the time to help you change something as massive as that.

Q) Can I redistribute your codes with my edits?
A) I don't mind if you edit my codes, but if they still bear a strong semblance/a good majority of my original code I would prefer you NOT to redistribute it, please, even if you do credit me as the original maker.