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Joyride for Tabula Rasa

Click images above for Image Previews - Live Preview


Has many color variations and features a fixed side menu. EDIT Did a quick fix for an issue on Chrome, so if you happened to grab it in the past half hour please grab again. Also added a 6th variant. EDIT There was an issue with the profile userpic being distorted on phones/some browsers, I have fixed it, so please grab again if you want!


Tested on latest Firefox, Chrome, and IE7-9. IE7 and 8 work fine, they're just missing some style things like text-shadow or animated transitions or special fonts.

To install, go here. Below you'll find a section of themes to select and a search field. In the search box put in Tabula Rasa, I used Plain as a base but any will do. In the top right you'll see a box called Current Theme, click "Customize your theme". Click on "Custom CSS". In there, you'll see "Use layout's stylesheet(s)" with a checkbox. UNCHECK it, then copy and paste this WHOLE document into the "Use embedded CSS" box. Click "Save Changes" and it should be ready to go!

Joyride Green


Joyride Blue


Joyride Yellow


Joyride Orange


Joyride Brown


Joyride Purple


Rules of the Game:
- Credit [community profile] betterdolphin (<user name="betterdolphin">)somewhere viewable, like a stickied post or userinfo, and leave the credit on the sheet
- You may edit to suit your needs, but credit would still be nice.
- Commenting not necessary, but makes me feel good all over anyway if you do.

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